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Leaders recognize their stance on issues must reflect (or incorporate) the perspectives of those whom they lead. Collectively, our thoughts will bring progressive change to CD-02.

When elected to serve you as Congressman for the 2nd Congressional District of Texas, I will recognize our district’s diversity to promote inclusion in all ways. I will fight for us to be represented as one people in this great nation we call America, and for one future.


As congressman, I will bring our district together by championing the causes of:



 – A strong federal education budget that will fully fund our public schools, to include fully funded higher education at public colleges and trade schools

– Protect programs that provide all day Headstart and Pre-K to all children in America,

– Resounding support for a Medicare for All single-payer healthcare program to help make Texas and America healthier with healthcare focused on  preventative care rather   than treatment and emergency room dependence,

– Create a comprehensive program to reform our criminal justice system to eliminate its financial dependence on targeting people of color and those who live in poverty,

– Protect the hard-earned rights of children, seniors, women (including women’s right to choose), LGBTQI, and ethnic minority groups,

– Support equal pay for equal work,

– Advocate and demand a rapid pathway to citizenship for immigrants (interim, a clean DREAM Act)

– Increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

– Promote programs that support economic and small business development, especially in marginalized communities without the concerns of gentrification

– Present arguments in favor of federal funding for elevated light rail system needed for safe egress and ingress in case of future natural flooding disasters


Houston, just like other major cities, is a rapidly growing metropolitan area that needs major infrastructure overhauls. Hurricane Harvey put TX Cd-02 to the test and our vulnerabilities were surfaced in a major way. I will support legislation to help improve and modernize infrastructure, flood control projects, emergency preparedness and public transportation systems to not only make our area safe, but to increase our mobility and enhance tourism accessibility and revenue for our state.


People are my priority; therefore, I will fight for the creation of quality jobs that give families a better quality of life, and I will support trade agreements that help Texas farmers and ranchers create more jobs in Texas. The beauty of Texas depends on our willingness to protect workers’ rights and our environment; therefore, I will strive to support and champion legislation to make Texas and America the clean and renewable energy capital of the world.  Achieving this goal will help create new American jobs, help save our planet with the reduction of pollution and carbon gas emissions as a result of a transfer to clean energy production, and help improve the health of all Americans.


I believe in America, Texas, and I believe in you-the people of CD-02. With your vote and support, we can elect a new, and better vision for our district and country.  I am that person to lead the charge just as I have proudly led troops and sailors for over 25 years in the best military the world, both the United States Army as an enlisted soldier and as a leader in the United States Navy. The future is ours to claim and sustain and we will do it by putting People OVER Politics.  Let’s do it together for Texas and for America!

Questions? Please email me at info@electjones2018.com.

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