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Hi, my name is J. Darnell Jones. It is with great pride that I announce my candidacy for United States Congress, Texas’ 2nd Congressional District (Humble, TX CD-02)

I’ve served in both the United States Army and the United States Navy, and I recently retired as a Navy Lieutenant Commander with 24 total years of service. I’ve served as a Surface Warfare Officer (the Navy’s equivalent to Infantry Officers in other military branches) because of my love of ships and the majesty of the earth’s oceans. I’ve had the pleasure of serving with some of America’s finest Sailors and Marines, and I do not take the opportunity to continue serving my country lightly. My very first assignment in the military was at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas over 27 years ago. Five years ago, I accepted my last active duty navy assignment as Southwest Regional Science and Technology Outreach Officer for Navy Recruiting Command right here in Houston, Texas and I loved it! I found it proper that I should return to the state where my military service began in preparation for military retirement and to continue to serve its great people as a member of Congress if elected.

I am extremely proud to be a citizen of the city of Houston in the great state of Texas; and I would love to represent the citizens of our city and state diligently in the United States Congress!


I am a progressive Democrat with a strong commitment to equity, equal opportunity, and respect for EVERY human being. I’m a graduate of the University of Memphis (BA in Political Science) and John Marshall Law School (Doctorate in Law).


I grew up with very humble beginnings in a large family of 10 siblings outside of Memphis, Tennessee where I developed a very strong appreciation for hard word, educational importance, togetherness, spirituality, family, and life in general. I am the proud father of Christina, who is my 19-year-old college sophomore.


More than anything, through my challenging experiences of being a youth in poverty, I have learned the importance of taking the lessons from every experience and using them to create a better path forward for me and for those I influence each day through our messages to each other. But, the next election is not solely about me and my experiences; it’s about the future of our earth, our country, our state, our cities, and it’s about YOU!


It is important to remember that members of Congress don’t just make decisions for their districts, but for our country as a whole. I believe my training of the law, my leadership experience as an officer in the U.S. Navy, and the familiar challenges of growing up as a child in poverty gives me a wealth of knowledge along with an unmatched level of empathy and determination to help guide TX CD-02 and our country forward.


Please visit my platform of conversations on my social media sites to see my very transparent perspectives on issues affecting our country; and see how they stack up to your own personal views. Then, let’s have a conversation and figure out just how much we have in common!


Together, we will rebuild dignity in OUR America! We are all so proud of America’s accomplishments. We are proud to say that America and its people are already GREAT, and that we will not allow her to fall backwards from Her social progress. We, the PEOPLE, demand PROGRESS!


I look forward to meeting with every individual American from both inside and outside of TX CD-02 to share perspectives in search of that which we have in common. A united front is necessary to defeat the evils that plague our political progress today!

Please click the link below to “Join Our Fight” for Justice and Equality for all Americans !