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September 2017

Hurricane Harvey and Houston’s Resilience

Hurricane Harvey, a one in 1000 year storm, showed vulnerabilities in Houston’s infrastructure and planning that had yet to be discussed. As in any coastal city, drainage should be a major factor for planning; however, Houston’s lack of zoning enforcement proved to be an issue that must be addressed in the future to provide safety and egress for Houston metro area citizens. Freeways built to serve as flood collection bowls and a lack of elevated rails made it impossible to leave the city, leaving citizens at the mercy of the storm. The upside of Hurricane Harvey was the world’s response and the sheer teamwork and concern for the people of Houston. Our city had seen nothing like it. In the end, we are on our way to recovery and we look forward to finding ways to cure our infrastructure issues.

Other  September Events:

Education and Infrastructure Town Hall

Shared the microphone with Congressional Candidate and seasoned education expert Adrienne Bell (TX CD-14) for a town hall focused on Education and Infrastructure.

Guest Speaker: LGBTQI Literary Soul Symposium

Meet & Greet: Tony & Sandy Gallini’s residence in Atascocita

August 2017

Podcasts, World Youth Foundation Annual Banquet, Young Democrats of America Conference, & Lots of Rain!

August was a month packed to capacity. The campaign was visible in the community via block walks and meetings…not to mention our J. Darnell’s recognition at the World Youth Foundation’s Seeds of Gratitude Brunch. We participated in a podcast answering Q&A by callers and we attended the Young Democrats of America Conference held in Dallas, TX. We had other events planned for the end of the month, but then came the rain and we were shut in for the last 4 days of the month with the exception of getting out and making sure we assisted with Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts.

July 2017

2017 National Naval Officer’s Association Leadership Development Symposium in San Diego, CA (Central Region Vice-President)

I currently serve as the Central Region Vice-President for the National Naval Officer’s Association (NNOA), and this week I attended our national Leadership Development Symposium in San Diego, CA. It was my first time attending as a retiree, and I considered resigning from the Board of Directors, believing I’ll be too busy with my campaign for U.S. Congress TX CD-02.
After attending the sessions, listening to Senior Officers, speaking with Junior Officers, and consulting with other Board members, I decided I can not, in good conscience, choose to leave an organization for for which I care so much about its purpose and mission. Diversity of the sea services (Navy, Coast Guard, and the USMC) is necessary and essential for protecting our servicemen/women and for ensuring young children have strong, senior military leadership that looks like them to look up to!
I truly miss wearing the uniform of the United States Navy, but to know I can still lead Sailors is more than rewarding! I’m here to stay, and I will protect the same interests for any organization that strives to protect the goodness of diversity and inclusion so that America may continue to be great!

Texans for Public Education Rally (Monday, July 17, 2017. Austin, TX)

July 17, 2017 was an amazing day at the Texas state capitol building as educators and supporters for public education gathered to make their voices heard. Educators are of the most important resources to mankind. They prepare our children for life ahead and to be productive citizens. Teachers should be appreciated, and this “War on Education” in the state of Texas must STOP! A good public education is a RIGHT! If elected, I will work with proponents of education to create effective policy that will make certain a good education isn’t determined by your zip code nor your wallet!


Speaking Engagement w/Diverse Alief Democrats. (Saturday, July 15, 2017)

It was a pleasure speaking with Diverse Alief Democrats on “Mobilizing Voters in Diverse Communities”.¬† It was a wonderful opportunity to share best practices and to learn about community perspectives. I can see great things on the horizon for this newly-formed group of enthusiastic Democrats!


Camp MikeT Youth Empowerment Summer Camp (Tuesday, June 28, 2017)

Houston Aldine Alum and Miami Dolphins Defensive Back, Michael Thomas, hosted his 3rd Annual “Camp MikeT”. The camp was about youth empowerment and included Q&A panels of community professionals to discuss Police relationships with young black youth; ACT/SAT Preparation, Career Counseling guidance, and of course…FOOTBALL! I had to show my skills for a minute (just kidding…I did not!). We had an amazing time being positive role models for these young men with hopes they will be empowered in knowing they are strong, resilient, educated, and important American citizens! I look forward to working with Mike again in support of next year’s camp.


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